otherwise known as THE SHIT (rockin_steady) wrote in born2die,
otherwise known as THE SHIT

take a band you like, and answer the questions with names of their songs

Band Choice: Mr. T Experience

Are you female or male? Psycho Girl
Describe yourself: She's No Rocket Scientist
How do some people feel about you? I Just Wanna Do It With You
How do you feel about yourself? There's Something Wrong With Me
Describe your ex girlfriend or boyfriend: Lawnmower Of Love
Describe your current girlfriend or boyfriend: Hell Of Dumb
Describe where you want to be: Some Foggy Mountain Top
Describe what you want to be: Fucked Up On Life
Describe how you live: Leave The Thinking To The Smart People
Describe how you love: You're The Only One
Share a few words of wisdom: We Are The Future People Of Tomorrow
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