xox☆SkaBadger★xox (skademon) wrote in born2die,

LoC last night at southampton joiners

sorry for cross posting

i was chillin at the bar with my m8 jam, and stza went and stood next to him!! i said alright to him and stuff...
first band 3p sweet were ok, i cant really rememebr lol. i didnt really watch the filaments cos i jus well wanted to see LoC and i was 2 busy gettin pissed up.
then i was in the toilets skinnin up, and i heard that antimaniax werent playin,, and then i heard LoC start playiN!! so i ran out with a shitely quickly rolled J, was chillin skankin smokin it up, they started with *thinks* arrgghh ... 500 channels i think ..... they played 500 channels, gay rude b oys unite, choking victim, atheist anthem, crack rock steady!! ... ahhh i so cant think right now. they came back on and played war story :):) ohh yes they played suicide, infested ... fucked reality!! man, they were stunning. born to die!!! how could i forget that!!!! i offered stza a J inbetween songs but he was like na not while im playing... ehehee.... ooo....
after they finished i got on stage and talked to alec, he was pretty chilled. talked to stza a bit but he is well arrogant and anti-social!!
then i talked to ezra, and he was really cool, he asked what my name was and i was sayin how id be seein em on sunday :) which i cant waaaait for wooooooo!!
i lost my favourite choking victim patch in the pit, and i went up to wayne likeahhh fuck i lost my patch, and he was like ah u know what i thought i was a right lucky bastard finding a patch in the pit!! hehe so i got it back thanx 2 my crack rock steady buddy :):)
i got a crack city rockers patch and a rock the 40 oz patch.
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