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looking for VINYL

looking for VINYL
hey...i wanna expand my vinyl collection...so if you have any of these bands on vinyl, or any size...let me know..i will be willing to buy them from you...for a resonable price tht is...

the bands i am looking for are:

7 seconds, 88 fingers louie, 98 mute, new found glory, accused, adolescents, afi, against all authority, against me!, agnostic front, all, amebix, andrew wk, angry samoans, anti flag, aquabats, assuck, the ataris, atom and his package, aus rotten, bad brains, bad religion, beastie boys, ben weasel, bigwig, bikini kill, black flag, blanks 77, blatz, blink 182, bombshell rocks, born against, botch, bouncing souls, bracket, the briefs, the business, buzzcocks, capitalist casualties, the casualties, catch 22, chaos uk, charles bronson, chixdiggit, choking victim, circle jerks, citizen fish, civ, the clash, clit 45, common rider, conflict, consumed, cramps, crass, crimpshrine, dri, the damned, dance hall crashers, darkest hour, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, defiance, descendants, devo, the dickies, diesel boy, dillenger escape plan, dillenger four, discharge, doa, doom, down by law, dropkick murphys, the dwarves, dystopia, econochrist, exploited, f minus, face to face, the fartz, fear, fifteen, filth, flogging molly, from ashes rise, the gadjits, gas huffer, gbh, the germs, gg allin, goober patrol, good riddance, green day, groovie ghoulies, guttermouth, h20, hepcat, hi standard, his hero is gone, home grown, i against i, jawbreaker, jello biafra, jimmy eat world, josh freese, jon cougar concentration camp, kill your idols, L7, lagwagon, leftover crack, less than jake, the lillingtons, limp, link 80, locust, lower class brats, mad caddies, madcap, me first and the gimmie gimmies, melvins, mighty mighty bosstones, mike ness, millencolin, minor threat, the misfits, motorhead, mr t experience, mustard plug, mxpx, nausea, nerf herder, nerve agents, neurosis, new bomb turks, no use for a name, nobodys, nofx, the offspring, one man army, operation ivy, orchid, osker, oxymoron, pansy division, pennywise, phobia, pietasters, pinhead gunpowder, poison idea, poison the well, potshot, pretty girls make graves, propagandhi, pulley, the queers, the ramones, rancid, reagan youth, the real mckenzies, real big fish, resist and exist, the riffs, rise against, the riverdales, rudimentry peni, samiam, saves the day, screeching weasel, screw 32, scurvy bastards, sick of it all, sicko, skankin pickle, snfu, snuff, social distortion, specials, spitting teeth, strung out, subhumans, sublime, sum 41, sweet baby, swingin utters, teen cthulu, teen idols, thrice, tiger army, tilt, toxic narcotic, tragedy, the transplants, tsol, tsunami bomb, uk subs, union 13, the unseen, unwritten law, us bombs, the usuals, the vandals, voodoo glow skulls, weakerthans, weezer, wesley willis, wizo, youth brigade, zeke

if you could help me out..i would be greatful...i am doing this cuz odering it from punk sites or on ebay its just too expensive...so if your selling some vinyl...let me know...
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